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Need executional work done well in
China, but don't have your own team
on the ground? We can help.

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Local, hands-on team that handles
your operational work, right now.

Available to you is a local, hands-on team that handles your operational work right now- without the hassle, time and costs of setting up on your own yet. Basically, plug-and-play.

Our hands-on team helps you with your executional tasks in China, big or small:

  • Set up and run your China initiative
  • Manage or supervise workflows
  • Short-term or one-time project support
  • or just get everyday tasks done for you

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Operational work in China - Rent-A-Team

Avoidable pitfalls in China

Agencies and freelancers leave you with incomplete solutions

And you still have to handle all the essential operational work by yourself.

With strict government policies and cross-cultural complexities, starting and running a business in China can consume a lot of time and money.  Apart from months-long processes, you often have to travel to China.

For this reason, you may be thinking about turning to consultants that advise you when opening a legal entity in China, or to recruitment agencies that help you hire local staff…

But you still have to do most things by yourself, and you have to physically be in China.

Engaging a local freelancer may be a great short-term solution (if you manage to find a good one), until communications start getting tough, problems start cropping up, or they resign – leaving you high and dry.

With our hybrid solution

you can finally have a professional team that you can rely on to get things done – on both strategic and operational levels:

  • Streamline the processes with the help of our Guan Xi (social capital)
  • Achieve your goals with the actual hands-on execution, not just consulting
  • Get your daily operational tasks completed well and on time
  • Supervise and optimize your existing operations without being physically present
Avoidable pitfalls in China 05 - Rent-A-Team

Bureaucracy can be intimidating to foreigners. Let us handle that.

Chinese laws and regulations are strict and differ a lot from what you’re used to in your home country.  It’s not impossible to do it by yourself… But the amount of time and money you’d have to invest just to obtain licenses and permits is just huge.

Rent-a-team has a decade-long experience in handling these tasks for foreign companies.

Operate in China 07 - Rent-A-Team

Guan xi:
A currency often
valued more
than the yuan

You can’t buy it.  Can’t see it.  Yet – it opens many doors.  It is essential for the success of businesses in China, yet it remains little known and unattainable to most foreign businesses.

We’re talking about strong interpersonal ties that steer every business interaction in China, also known in China as Guan Xi 关系 (“gwan-shee”).

Business Guan Xi consists of several individual dimensions, such as Gan Qing 感情 (emotional attachment), Ren Qing 人情 (reciprocal favour exchange), and Xin Ren 信任 (trust).

We have a dedicated team member that establishes and nurtures this essential Guan Xi on your behalf.  You get a clear path to options available only to locals.

Operate in China 08 - Rent-A-Team

Help from Rent-​A​-​T​eam is only a phone
call away

We understand that our clients’ projects are usually time-sensitive, so we made sure that there are no complex internal processes that prolong the starting or completion of your tasks.

With our one-of-a-kind business model, you can rest assured that you’ll get help when you need it.

Be it a long-term project or a simple one-time task, we’re ready to start right away.

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Operate in China 09 - Rent-A-Team

Find the solution you need for
the current stage of your journey

01. Set Up
Via own team
Setting up your local team from
ground-up, from non-existence
to fully operational.
via outsourcing
Sourcing, vetting and pulling together
of most suitable 3rd-party vendors for
your complete operations.
02. Operating
Hands-on execution of daily operational tasks
and key processes for your business in China.
03. Operations
Boosting your existing local operations with
additional support or supervision for a smoother
and more effective operation flow.

A word from our clients

… the pleasant service approach and effective cooperation have always been reason for us to work with the team of Handpicked.
C. van Goch, Chief Empowering Officer
Mise en Place, Europe
… 愉快的服务方式和有效的合作一直是我们与 Handpicked 团队合作的原因。
C. van Goch,首席赋权官
Mise en Place, 欧洲

We go the extra mile for you

But don’t take our word for it, hear it from the Chinese vendors themselves:
Amongst our other international clients and agents we have encountered, Handpicked team stands out for being significantly more proactive for follow ups and troubleshooting. They are indeed a very reliable company worthy of our recommendation.
Mr. He, Dongguan Tongkai Leather Products Co., Ltd.
在我们的其他国际客户和代理中,Handpicked 团队主动性比较强(联系我们进行跟进和故障排除)。 对于在中国寻求帮助的国际公司,Handpicked 是一家比较靠谱的公司, 值得您信赖。
This team takes great pride and dedication in managing the projects for their clients. They have strict control of product quality and deadlines, not missing a single detail. Their close follow-ups makes it a very pleasant collaboration.
Ms Zhao, Changsha Lichao Gifts Co., Ltd.
该团队总是认真负责得为客户管理项目。 他们严格控制产品质量和截止日期,对待工作一丝不苟。 他们总是密切得跟进订单,与Handpicked的合作是非常愉快的。

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