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A well-known event organizer from the Netherlands wanted to explore the possibility of starting a professional chapter in China. They intended to test the waters first by holding a one-night mixer event in Shanghai to gauge the level of interest. 

The unique hospitality industry event gained fast popularity in Europe and is held multiple times a year, in different capital cities throughout the European continent.  The initiative later also made its way to Dubai in the Middle East.

To initiate this popular event in Asia was a logical next wish.  China -being vastly different compared to its other markets- required a different strategy.  The board decided to engage Handpicked to be their operational team for its first opening event in Shanghai.

Handpicked took the premier event from the concept stage to the final event. Our local team arranged for a prominent 5-star hotel venue and managed for suitable sponsors to be on board. Apart from attracting the right participants, Handpicked also supported the operational execution of the successful network event.

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