German Retailer Starts Ops in China

As a supplier of electronic products to one of the largest media mega-marts in the world, this German retailer needed a local team on the ground to represent them in liaising with their local customers in China. 

The firm had its existing know-how & operations set up throughout Europe settled, also in different parts of Russia, and potentially had the manpower to invest and send its own team over to China.  However, China being a new operations market for them, as well as the urgency in setting up the China operations, renting a team that is already on standby, seemed the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

Handpicked was engaged to be their “local team”, carrying out their day-to-day operations such as outlet visiting, stock-tracking, and inventory management, as well as maintaining local relationships with their customers.  

We collaborated closely with their Hong Kong office, ensuring successful and timely order fulfillment, good communication flow, and a high level of customer satisfaction in the Mainland.

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