European Delicatessen in China

Ranging from wine and cheese to cold cuts and cookies, this German delicatessen company has been serving excellent quality foods in Europe for decades.  Exploring the Chinese market is a natural next step to bringing the best of European foods to the increasingly discerning tastebuds around the world.

Handpicked represented them in exploring their opportunities in China and was able to seek out a potential collaboration with Carrefour to supply a full range of delicatessen in their premium-level supermarkets in China. 

A Handpicked manager prepares small taster packs to be sent to interested distributors across the mainland
Taster packs are ready for pick-up
Meeting a hospitality distributor interested in high-quality food products from Europe.
Meeting at Carrefour China

The Process & Scope Handpicked offered can be summarised as below:

    Brand and product training with the clients’ support
    Sales deck preparations (in Mandarin)
    Product samples arrangements (if applicable)
    Create long list of potential customers
    Reach out to the contacts on the list to assess their level of interest
    1st shortlist to arrange for live meetings
    Pitching sessions
    2nd shortlist for a live meeting with the client
    Coordination and participation of meetings
    3rd shortlist of final selected buying customer(s)
    Facilitating the negotiation of contract terms
    Buying contract signing facilitation

Perhaps you’ve tried to sell in China already but without much success.  There’s a lot of information on China online and it is hard to decipher what’s relevant to you.  Consulting companies out there sell strategies, but it’s ultimately up to you to be there and execute them by yourself.

With Handpicked, aside from strategy, you get a local hands-on team in China that executes.  You don’t have to try it alone anymore and spend valuable resources on trial-and-error.

We do it for you, with you.

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