South-East Asian Brand Expanding in China

One of the oldest and most trusted brands of coconut jams, condiments, and sambals (chili sauce) worked with Handpicked to explore its expansion opportunities in China. 

In an Opportunity Assessment, the research, and focus group tasting results showed that the Chinese locals are not yet familiar with such a jam, but the flavor is very much welcomed.  

Test-pitching to prospective distributors in China proved encouraging, especially in the HoReCa industries.  Major confectionary distributors also see potential in adding the ingredients into their product range (small buns, cakes, Danish, etc.)

Other distributors expressed interest in supplying the jam in bulk to well-known cafes and hotel chains in China.

A mini focus group at the Shanghai office

In this particular case the Process & Scope Handpicked offered can be summarised as below:

    Brand and product training with the clients’ support
    Sales deck preparations (in Mandarin)
    Product samples arrangements (if applicable)
    Create long list of potential customers
    Reach out to the contacts on the list to assess their level of interest
    1st shortlist to arrange for live meetings
    Pitching sessions
    2nd shortlist for a live meeting with the client
    Coordination and participation of meetings
    3rd shortlist of final selected buying customer(s)
    Facilitating the negotiation of contract terms
    Buying contract signing facilitation

Perhaps you’ve tried to sell in China already but without much success.  There’s a lot of information on China online and it is hard to decipher what’s relevant to you.  Consulting companies out there sell strategies, but it’s ultimately up to you to be there and execute them by yourself.

With Handpicked, aside from strategy, you get a local hands-on team in China that executes.  You don’t have to try it alone anymore and spend valuable resources on trial and error.

We do it for you, with you.

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