Club Stage Designer, The Netherlands

Needing to frequently supply technical equipment to customers in China, this nightclub interior designer was looking for ways to improve their importation process. They required a reliable freight forwarder in China, capable of importing, storing, and dispatching the specific equipment.

In the past, this company had already set up a small representative office in China, but due to travel restrictions, the managing directors could not succeed in guiding their China team.  Some operational matters could therefore not always be delivered according to their corporate policies and standards.  The director needed a simple solution without complex processes. Handpicked was that solution.

Handpicked facilitated the sourcing and validating of forwarders that were qualified for this role.  From our trusted network and via local online channels, we created a long list of almost 30 forwarders.  And after stringent shortlisting, we recommend the 3 best-suited agencies to them. They now work closely with one of them, having 2 others as their backup vendors.

Examples of SOP-listings used for selection processes.

Perhaps you’ve tried to get things done in China already but without much success.  There’s a lot of information on China online and it is hard to decipher what’s relevant to you.  Consulting companies out there sell strategies, but it’s ultimately up to you to be there and execute them by yourself.

With Handpicked, aside from strategy, you get a local hands-on team in China that executes.  You don’t have to try it alone anymore and spend valuable resources on trial and error.

We do it for you, with you.

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