Beer Coasters for the Asian Market

Proper beer presentation is always executed with a brand-respective coaster. One will know once a restaurant or bar truly understands its hospitality profession.

For any beer brand, the coaster plays an important role, not only ensuring that either the glass or bottle is safely placed on the tabletop, but also adding that memorable touch to the total brand experience.

Our clients take great pride in their craft and therefore the production of -what may seem simple- coasters need to be done with utmost care.

These coasters are made of felt in combination with one of the highest quality rubber; called nitrile rubber. In the handpicked factory all aspects: the thickness, its printing quality and the structure of the non-friction rubber layer, were measured, produced and checked carefully.

All to help create that unforgettable moment.

That present moment when you are taking that first cold sip of beer.

Below can be seen how the production is finalised and almost ready for packing.

At first, the goods are being pre-packed and double-checked on quantity accuracy. 

After which, the coasters are individually placed in a protective sleeve, carefully packed and shipped to Singapore.

Ready, checked, packed & ready for shipment.

Are you looking to buy custom made products from China too? We can support you in your China export needs.

  • Sourcing and shortlisting verified vendors with the best price-quality ratio
  • Negotiating price and handling complete communication
  • Troubleshooting and preventing foreseeable problems
  • Export customs compliance and more…

Handpicked does the pre-vetting for you, ensuring you are buying from verified suppliers.  On top of that, we handle the entire procurement process, from project management to overseeing timeline and quality delivery.

Read more about our China export services here or write for more information to

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