Barley Grass Producer from New Zealand

An organic barley grass producer from New Zealand was visiting China to participate in the China International Import Expo(CIIE). With the goal of gaining local Chinese customers, they understood the importance of being able to communicate effectively with their prospective buyers they meet at the fair.

The brand already has a strong global reach and their sales results in other Asian markets showed significant growth in market share too, but the China market was still left untapped.

The company had serious expectations for its first visit to China but recognized the need for professional assistance. The scale, and potential future success, but especially the different market practices made the board realize that starting in China, is similar to starting a completely “new” business unit, one that could not be a simple “copy-&-paste” from their other successful regions.

To help them attain their goal, Handpicked assisted in the translations of some of their marketing materials to Mandarin, stationed a bilingual team member at their booth to assist in communication throughout the 4-day exposition, and assisted with the follow-up of locally generated new leads.

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